It’s always a great experience with Dr. Stephanie and her staff.

Review from July 23, 2020

I am very grateful of the care my son received at CHOC for his surgery and post-op.

Review from July 15, 2020

First of all, I'd like to say that I don't have words to thank you for everything you did the for our son and it's very scared to put him in the condition that we don't know when he wakes up how he's going to be and he woke up and so fast and everything went so perfectly, which is not in your power to control, but it's part of what you do. So well, thank you so much. And first of all, thank you for just allowing only on parent in for the safety that you're providing to everybody and congratulations on doing an excellent job.

Review from July 10, 2020

Thank you so much for the kindness of the doctors and nurses!!

Review from July 10, 2020

A wonderful office especially Dr. Stephany!!! Much appreciation!!!

Review from June 18, 2020

Amazing clinician. Highly recommend.

review from Vitals.com

Fantastic physician.

review from Vitals.com

Dr. Stephany is hands down, the best pediatric urologist! She is knowledgeable, thorough and caring. At appointments we never feel rushed, and before we leave she makes sure that my son understands what she is saying, it's not all medical jargon...she talks to him in words he understands (important for a shy 12 yr. old boy). She takes her time to review everything and consult with my son's other specialists before making decisions. Rather than having staff call to relay messages, she personally makes the call. I have come to trust whatever she recommends...I have never felt like I needed a 2nd opinion with her!

review from Vitals.com